Thank you for your interest in a Money Flow oracle card reading.
You may pick a card here on the page for your Free video reading.
We also do a live weekly Money Flow Oracle Card reading and live readings for viewers
every Monday at Midday (Qld, Aust. time) on our Facebook page.


How to play …

1. Take a deep breath and then think about what you would like to ask the oracle about your money flow.

2. The cards are already shuffling so when you are ready click on any card as they scroll through.
DO NOT hover your mouse over the cards as this will stop the shuffle.
​There are 40 cards in total.

​3. When it feels right to do so click on a card. You’ll be taken through to the private video reading on youtube.

​Please note that the original video readings were recorded shortly after the cards were created in their original form so are handwritten and drawn. They have since been polished and printed but are not yet available for purchase.