Changing the World starts with you

Be the change

Lead the Change

Change the World

through your enlightened presence and divine purpose

Imagine for a second a world of serenity, richness and meaning where you get to reach your full potential, reclaim your personal power and fulfil your world changing purpose.


Working with Anne is like having a conversation with a dear friend who understands your deepest fears and desires. She listens attentively, offering practical advice that is grounded in Divine truth. Her words have a way of resonating with your soul, igniting a spark of recognition and understanding that sets you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Genine Howard


Anne's work is amazing! What others can do over a period of time, she does within minutes. Every time I speak to her something massive changes within me

Chizelle Salter


Every aspect of our exchange had direct relevance to my life and to the challenges I am facing. I was able to action them and have been living their consequences since that time. Some of these consequences have already had a direct impact on many, many lives, not to mention my own.

Dr Kim Jobst

Harley St, London, UK

Anne Aleckson

Mystic Author & Speaker

Her presence is powerful, potent and transformational.

Anne is a true Master Mind of creative imagination, channeling knowledge from the past, present and the future to create a new now.

A visionary time traveler who has seen a future world in harmony Anne knows what it will take to create World peace and she holds the frequencies of inner peace, one-ness and infinite potential within her own energy field, passing it to all who seek out her mystical presence.

Anne embodies the universal wisdom teachings of All-That-Is which she has practiced extensively on the personal level and shared with her friends and clients for over 15 years, creating transformation at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels through her own unique TransformationalConversation™️ Methodology which includes the One Minute Miracle (OMM) Emotional Healing technique, The ABC Brain Retrain process and her very own philosophy of Aspectology.

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